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What Do Your Toenails Say About Your Health? Clubbing, Spoon, Yellowing & Other Toenail Problems


Believe it or not, there are certain signs that you have health problems that can be seen in your nails. When you are aware of these signs, you can take care of the problem; often before the problem gets out of control. Belmont Anderson & Associates is here to talk about what your nails could be saying about your health.

Yellowing Toenails

Some people suffer from yellowing nails as a result of certain nail polish colors as well as acrylic nails. Another cause of yellow nails includes smoking. Yellowing nails usually doesn’t signify a serious health issue, but can sometimes point to a fungal infection.

Clubbing Toenails

If you notice that your toes are all of a sudden enlarged for no reason and your toenails are starting to curve downward, it can be a sign of some serious health issues. The biggest risk when you experience clubbing nails is low oxygen content and a sign that you have lung disease.

Dry, Brittle Toenails

Dry, brittle nails are present if you find your feet are constantly in the water or exposed to chemicals. If you live in a particularly dry area, it can be caused by low amounts of humidity in the air as well. There is still a chance that you are suffering from a thyroid issue since this is one of the symptoms.

White Spots or Horizontal Ridges on Toenails

Usually when you notice white spots on your nails or horizontal ridges, it is due to some sort of trauma to your nails. Sometimes horizontal ridges can happen when you suffer from a high fever and illness like scarlet fever and pneumonia.

Spoon Toenails

When you have nails that dip and curve upwards like a spoon, it is a sign that you are suffering from an iron deficiency. You may be at risk for heart problems and hyperthyroidism as well.

Toenail Pitting

Noticing pits in your nails can be a sign that you suffer from psoriasis. These dents are often associated with diseases like alopecia or hair loss as well as other autoimmune diseases.

Dark Discoloration on Toenails

If you notice dark discoloration that is often painful, you should be alarmed. This is a sign of melanoma which is a very serious form a skin cancer. You should schedule an appointment with your physician right away.

Pink Stripes on Toenails

Also known as Terry’s nails, when you notice a pink stripe underneath the white part of your nails it can mean some serious health problems. Heart failure, liver disease, diabetes and kidney failure are among some of illnesses that come with these nails.

Treatment of Ingrown Toe Nails & Toe Nail Deformities

It is important that you listen to your body and be in tune with what it is trying to tell you. If you notice any signs on your toenails that indicate any health problems, schedule an appointment with Belmont Anderson & Associates right away. Taking proper care of your toenails is key in avoiding issues like dry, brittle or discolored nails. Belmont Anderson & Associates can provide relief for your feet and toenail problems. Contact us today.