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Rotated Toe AKA Hammer Toe; Causes, Prevention & Treatment Inc. Stretches, Straps & Surgery


The health and wellness of your feet are important to understand. You want to make sure they are cared for and treated when you notice that something is just not right. Taking the ability to walk with ease or walk at all away from someone can be devastating and keep you from enjoying your life. You may start to miss out on family activities, outings with friends and more. There are many parts to the foot even though it is small that can have a problem. There are small bones throughout the foot as well as toes, nails and skin. The toes make up many of the issues that you might come across and it is important that you get them checked and treated right away if you experience an issue. Belmont Anderson & Associates outlines what a hammer toe is, what causes it and how it can be treated.

What is a Hammer Toe

If you have a hammer toe it is often affecting the second, third or the fourth tow which are the three in the middle. It is when the toe has a deformity around the middle knuckle that causes it to bend down towards the ground. The reason that it is called a hammer toe is because it looks very similar to a hammer. You could suffer from a hammer toe on more than one toe and they can occur on either foot. A hammer toe can be at the beginning stages and still flexible but over time it can become hardened. Callouses and corns can start to build up on the knuckle of the toe as well.

Hammer Toe Causes

It may surprise you to find out that the main cause of hammer toes is actually from the shoes you are wearing. Most people choose shoes for style and then for comfort. That is why you can find thousands of shoe options in a single mall. The shoes you are choosing could be putting you at risk of a hammer toe. The most common shoe mistake are ones that go tighter at the toe. The toes will be pushed together and that will cause the deformation. You also could be at a higher risk if you choose to wear heels that are high. This causes a lot of your weight towards the toe and that will create stress on the joint. The toe will then start to build up callouses and corns and the knuckles will become deformed.

Hammer Toe Treatment

The best thing you can do is to prevent a hammer toe in the first place. You want to avoid shoes that cause your toes to be cramped together. You also want to make sure you choose shoes that are supportive of your foot. If you already have hammer toes you want to see the doctor about what they can do. Most of the time they will start with exercises and stretches for the toe. Then move to straps that can get the toe in a more normal position. If these methods are not able to repair the hammer toe then surgery will need to be scheduled. Belmont Anderson & Associates can meet with you to diagnose hammer toes and other potential troubles with your feet, and make a custom treatment plan to help you find relief. Call us today to make an appointment.