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Medical Shockwave Treatment Therapy Machine for Plantar Fasciitis in Las Vegas, NV


Belmont Anderson and Associates of Las Vegas, Nevada has been providing medical podiatry services to patients locally and in surrounding areas since 1980. People rely on their feet to get through an average day, and if your feet and ankles are experiencing pain or abnormalities, our trained physicians and staff can assist you back on the path to healing. With our skillfully trained and experienced experts, we can diagnose the problems you are faced with and begin treatment to ensure efficient healing. With our compassion and diligence, your visits will be as comfortable as possible as we discuss customized solutions for treatment.

Shockwave Therapy Treatment for Fast Pain Relief

Belmont Anderson and Associates utilizes a medical shockwave treatment machine which is a major asset to help patients find fast pain relief and mobility restoration. Being a non-surgical approach to therapy without painkiller dependency, the medical shock wave treatment machine is ideal to speed up the recovery process and cure various causes of acute and/or chronic pain.

Medical Shockwave Treatment Machines

There are many medical shockwave treatment machines used in the industry, some examples are the following:
New Generation Portable Pressure Wave Device – The Single Frame Casing of the D-Actor is pioneering this impressive and innovative three-dimensional design. Delivering reliability and path-breaking efficiency, the clear lines and a front that resembles a pressure wave signal power is becoming commonly used for treatment.
New Generation Hand-Controlled Hand-Piece – With all main operating elements integrated into the hand-piece, this one of a kind device is a newly developed hand control machine. Application permits the physician from keeping eye contact with the patient, allowing for safer treatments with adjustments easily made with the conveniently locating settings. Selector buttons allows for direct adjustment with frequency, energy levels and volume of pressure applied.
V-Actor Hand-Piece – Pneumatically generated vibration pulses directly applied to the targeted tissue is simple executed with this device. Metabolic waste products and toxins are removed through the blood and lymph system; improving the microcirculation by compression and decompression.

Storz Medical D-Actor 100

At Belmont Anderson and Associates of Las Vegas, Nevada, we utilize the D-Actor 100 to deliver exceptional and effective results. The D-Actor 100 is equipped with deep impact pressure transmitters and features an integrated controls hand-piece. It features a built-in, high-performance compressor for increased power and maximum effective results, with the added convenience of multiple hand-pieces allow for this device a reliable tool. With all main operating elements integrated into the hand-piece the newly developed hand control is exceptional. The selector buttons are conveniently located for quick adjustments with frequency, energy levels, and pressure application. This one of kind machine allows for safer treatments for patients settings being easily adjusted without the need to look away from the task at hand.

Features of the Storz Medical D-Actor 100

– Compact design
– Built-in high-performance compressor; maximizes power and provides phenomenal therapy success rates
– Low costs for maintenance
– Hand-pieces are combinable
– Various pressure transmitters incorporated in radial pressure wave technology
– Vibration therapy (V-ACTOR®)

Utilizing the Latest Technology in Podiatry

At Belmont Anderson and Associates, we always look for optimal machines, treatments, medical treatments, and aids to provide our valued Las Vegas, Nevada patients the most optimal treatment possible. With the use of machines such as the D-Actor 100 we can optimize your care. Call Belmont Anderson and Associates today for your podiatry needs.