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Heel Pain in Las Vegas

As one of the most used parts of the body, the feet can be subject to consistent discomfort and pain. Many Las Vegas residents will visit a foot doctor with a complaint about heel pain or some other form of foot pain sometime in their life. The most common complaints involve the heel, which together with the balls of the large and little toes bear the greater part of our body weight when standing and the impact of walking. The heel is the prominent part at the posterior end of the foot. It is made up of a hard exterior heel bone with a soft interior. Serious injury often happens when the exterior bone breaks because the interior bone may also crumble to pieces.

Heel pain can be due to one or several problems. Plantar fasciitis, heel spur, bruised heel, and tarsal tunnel syndrome are the most common conditions that cause heel pain. Often, they are caused by prolonged standing or walking, incorrect gait, pinched nerves, or fractures. Athletes frequently suffer from heel pain because of overuse of the feet, but anybody can experience heel problems due mostly to improper footwear, stress to the feet and weight gain, among others. Wearing comfortable fitting shoes and the right footwear for every activity can go a long way in avoiding heel pain.

For people suffering from heel pain simple treatments such as rest, exercise, and shoe inserts can ease the problem but there are other cases that require serious medical intervention. In severe conditions surgery may be recommended although it is always a last option. In any case there should be a proper diagnosis to ensure the best and most effective remedy to the pain. A physical examination is necessary and diagnostic x-rays recommended to rule out bone problems.

For a proper diagnosis a visit to a podiatric surgeon like Belmont Anderson, DPM can be the start for a successful recovery and cure. Early intervention can also be of value to learn proper care of the feet and prevent painful feet conditions.