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Hammer Toe

A hammer toe is a deformity of the toe which is typically identified by the curl in the middle joint of the toe. It may be painful especially when walking or with any foot movement and usually causes corns and calluses because the irregular position of the toe causes it to consistently rub inside footwear. A hammer toe can be moved or straightened but before long it may become stiff and inflexible.

Much like bunions, hammer toes may be congenital but may also develop over time especially when wearing shoes that have a narrow toe area and high heels. With these types of footwear the toes are pushed forward and/or constricted into a tight space forcing the toes to bend and the muscles and tendons to tighten. It may also be caused by injury when the toe is jammed or broken and by nerve or muscle damage.

Mild hammer toes can be corrected with manipulation and the use of splinter. Hammer toe splinters are readily available in stores or can be custom made for patients by a podiatrist. During and after treatment avoiding improper footwear and using foot orthotic devices proscribed by a podiatrist can be of great help to reduce and correct the hammer toe. Exercise can also help.

For severe conditions where the hammer toe has become inflexible, the foot doctor may recommend correction through surgery. In this procedure, tendons or ligaments are cut and released or bones removed. As with any surgical procedure this option should be considered last and advice on the risk and complications received. If surgery is pursued, avoiding pressure on the foot after the surgery should be observed and keeping the bandage secure to prevent infection. After a week or so, care on the selection of footwear, exercise, and orthotics will help for a full recovery.

Consult Dr. Belmont Anderson to find out more about the condition and best treatment applicable for hammer toes.