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Bunions and Bunion Surgery in Las Vegas

Many Las Vegas residents suffer from bunions; however, bunion surgery is not the only remedy. A bunion is a foot deformity distinguished by the position of the big toe deviating towards the other toes. A prominent bump can be seen on the side of the big toe joint. It may also apply to the small toe sometimes being called the Tailor’s Bunion or a bunionette. In normal conditions, a bump can be seen where the metatarsal bone and phalanges meet but with bunions the bump is more pronounced and the big toe can be seen in an abnormal angle. The bump may be caused by a swollen fluid-filled bursal sac and/or an additional bone formation. The condition can be considered genetic owing to the musculoskeletal structure of the foot and neurological conditions but it can also develop or worsen with poor footwear. Women are more likely to develop bunions through wearing high heeled and narrow-toed shoes.

Aside from the unappealing appearance, bunions can be very painful. Friction on the feet from ill-fitting shoes causes redness and swelling which can become a corn or ulcer if not protected. Blisters can also easily form around the bunion. Walking becomes difficult especially when the foot is constricted by shoes. When the bunion becomes severe, the pain worsens with or without footwear because the mechanical function of the forefoot is already affected. Individuals with bunions also have the challenge of finding footwear that will fit them properly because the bunion widens their feet.

Wearing the right footwear is important in preventing bunions. Especially if coming from a family with a history of bunions, prevention is the key. Choose comfortable shoes that fit well. The toe area should not be cramped and the heel and arch well supported. Avoiding high heels and padding the bunion can also help. Other helpful tips include taking a shoe break to let the feet relax and replacing shoes to keep up with the right fit.

If already suffering from painful bunions, consultation with a podiatrist is important. A podiatrist can recommend rest, medication and the use of an orthotic device. Physical therapy can also help reduce the pain and swelling. In severe cases of pain or the desire for correcting the bunion, surgery can be an option. Each patient will be recommended a specific course of treatment for their situation.

For more information on how to prevent and treat bunions for your case, see Dr. Belmont Anderson, DPM.