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Dec 21

Basic Podiatry. Podiatrists Are Leading Foot & Ankle Specialists that Treat Pain & Disorders of Feet & Ankles

A podiatrist is a medical doctor known as Doctor of Podiatric Medicine or DPM who has completed medical school and training specific to podiatry as well as completing a two-year residency. Podiatrists must receive training in bio-mechanics, radiography, sports medicine, pharmacology, dermatology, orthopedics, and surgery in an effort to better understand feet. Podiatrists do not […]

Oct 27

How to Get Rid of & Straighten Hammer Toes in Las Vegas, NV; Treatment Exercises & Surgery

When you are having trouble with your feet or toes is can cause some constant difficulty in your everyday life. Unless you are okay not walking around at all, you most likely will want your feet to be treated. The first step is to determine what it is that you are dealing with. There are […]

Oct 4

How to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis While Running, from Getting Worse & from Returning in Las Vegas, NV

Foot pain is a difficult injury to have since you have to use your feet to walk, run, drive and much more. One type of injury that tends to plague runners of all levels is plantar fasciitis. The pain is derived from the ligament type tissues that are attached to the base of your toes […]

Aug 11

Wearing Flip Flops Everyday Can Cause Toe & Top of Foot Pain, Nerve Damage & More!

Summer’s most popular foot wear seems to be the flip flop. Flip flops are quick and easy to put on when running spur of the moment errands. Having so much open exposure helps keep your feet cool and some people just find them so comfortable. But most of us don’t realize the problems that come […]