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Dec 22

How to Prevent Feet Swelling, Weakness, Pain, Dry Skin & Other Diabetic Foot Problems

Many people are not aware prior to their diagnosis with diabetes that complications with your feet and legs are a common occurrence for those with the disease. Consumers frequently walk past some of the products offered for these diabetic problems without thinking twice. The people who have diabetes are infinitely more aware of the complications […]

Sep 11

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome; Symptoms, Causes, Tinel’s Test Diagnosis, Treatment & More

Many people are familiar with carpal tunnel syndrome, but not as many people have heard of tarsal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome affects your wrist and tarsal tunnel syndrome affects your feet. Tarsal tunnel and carpal tunnel are similar in the fact that they both arise from the compression of a nerve in a confined […]

Jul 5

Heel Spur VS Plantar Fasciitis; Symptoms, Relief & Treatment for How to Stop the Pain

Though closely connected, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs are two different conditions that can lead to your feet and heels feeling chronic or intermittent pain. Understanding the differences between the two conditions can help you better know which issue you are suffering from, the treatment you should pursue, and how you can reduce symptoms of […]

May 29

Do Heel Spurs Go Away? What Causes Them & How to Get Rid of Heel Bone Spur Pain

A bony protrusion on the underside of the heel bone is formed from a calcium deposit, which is known as a heel spur. The condition is sometimes known as “heel spur syndrome” without visible X-ray evidence. When looking at it on an X-ray, it can extend forward by as much as a half-inch. They can […]