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May 10

What is the Best Treatment to Heal Plantar Fasciitis Quickly? Brace, Cortisone Shot, Surgery & More

The thick band of tissue, which is known as a fascia, is at the bottom of your foot that runs from your heel to your toes. Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the fascia. The pain was once thought to originate from heel spurs, which are bony growths. However, now it is believed that heel spurs […]

Dec 22

What Do Your Toenails Say About Your Health? Clubbing, Spoon, Yellowing & Other Toenail Problems

Believe it or not, there are certain signs that you have health problems that can be seen in your nails. When you are aware of these signs, you can take care of the problem; often before the problem gets out of control. Belmont Anderson & Associates is here to talk about what your nails could […]

Sep 29

Rotated Toe AKA Hammer Toe; Causes, Prevention & Treatment Inc. Stretches, Straps & Surgery

The health and wellness of your feet are important to understand. You want to make sure they are cared for and treated when you notice that something is just not right. Taking the ability to walk with ease or walk at all away from someone can be devastating and keep you from enjoying your life. […]

Mar 25

Common Causes of Toe Deformities in Las Vegas, NV; Psoriasis, Fungal Infection & Injury

A few of the many side effects of deformed toenails include discomfort, discoloration, and distention. It can be a challenge to diagnose the problem due to the variety of symptoms and reasons that determine why a toenail deforms. As a result, we at Belmont Anderson & Associates would like to share a few of the […]