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Dr. Belmont Anderson DPM has been serving the Las Vegas area as a podiatrist for over 30 years. The doctor’s Las Vegas podiatry practice was established in 1980 and has grown to be the most reputable podiatric office in the state of Nevada. The practice specializes in all foot and ankle problems, including foot surgery, ankle surgery, hammer toe, bunions, special diabetic foot care, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arch pain and much more.

Podiatrist Treating FootDr. Belmont Anderson and Associates has an office conveniently located in West Las Vegas on 1416 South Jones Boulevard. The Anderson and Associates foot and ankle clinic includes state of the art podiatry equipment, including x-ray machines, diagnostic foot ultrasound, ultrasound therapy, and more.

Belmont received his podiatry education at the University of Illinois and was a resident in several hospitals in Michigan before beginning his Las Vegas Podiatry Office. Belmont Anderson also graduated from Brigham Young University where he played basketball. More about Dr. Belmont Anderson Podiatrist.

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Our Podiatry Staff:

Dr. Belmont Anderson DPM. Las Vegas Podiatrist Since 1980

Dr. Belmont Anderson DPM. Las Vegas Podiatrist Since 1980

Dr. Belmont Anderson has served the Las Vegas community as a podiatrist for over 30 years. He has been referred to as the most trusted foot doctor in the valley. Dr. Anderson has extensive experience in foot and ankle surgeries and all foot problems.