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Nov 1

Top, Side or Bottom Foot Pain During or After Running? Plantar Fasciitis & Achilles Tendinitis

Whether you run to stay fit and healthy or as a serious competitor, chances are you will experience an annoying and painful foot injury. After all when you really stop and think about it, your feet endure constant and repetitive movement literally making your feet casualties of war in the form of blisters, callouses, and […]

Jul 5

Dropped Something Heavy on Your Big Toe? Is it Fractured, Sprained or Broken?

Most have been there. We are moving something and somehow our grip is lost under varying circumstances and with a heavy thud; impact. Trauma focused on the big toe, perhaps a few tears and several choice words, was the prelude to you assessing the damage. After excruciating pain and throbbing that was only amplified when […]

May 29

Ingrown Toenail Infection Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention in Las Vegas, NV

For many people around the world, ingrown toenails seem to be a common occurrence, where others maybe have experienced it a few times if at all. Ingrown toenails can be uncomfortable at the least, but are usually also painful, especially if they become infected. Today, we at Belmont Anderson and Associates would like to expound […]

Mar 24

Medical Shockwave Treatment Therapy Machine for Plantar Fasciitis in Las Vegas, NV

Belmont Anderson and Associates of Las Vegas, Nevada has been providing medical podiatry services to patients locally and in surrounding areas since 1980. People rely on their feet to get through an average day, and if your feet and ankles are experiencing pain or abnormalities, our trained physicians and staff can assist you back on […]